arson fat burnerArson is indeed one of the intense fat burners but it is not really meant for the regular weight loss enthusiasts. It is meant for bodybuilders looking for excess muscle gain and complete peel off.  It claims to torch excess flab and build heavy muscle mass.

Arson fat burner is the product of Muscle Asylum Project. A team of experienced scientists have put in a great deal of time and effort to develop this special supplement which assures complete reduction of the stored body fat.

What is Arson?

Arson is caffeine based fat burner that burns extra fat by increasing the rate of metabolism. In fact your body losing weight even when you are resting or working out.

The entire load of caffeine that you take in while consuming Arson might make your jittery. But at the same time you will be filled with energy and experience higher blood pressure and faster heart beats.

In short it is aimed to help hard core bodybuilders, weight lifters and athletes looking for shocking muscularity. People planning to lose a few pounds for a party should just stay away from it.

Ingredients used in Arson

Extracts of green tea leaves, anhydrous caffeine, extracts of Theobroma Cacau, white yellow and ginger roots and soy bin oil are some of the integral components of Arson.

Side effects of Arson

  • You might suffer hypertension and nervousness because of the high caffeine intake.
  • You will sweat a lot and need to compensate for it drinking plenty of water.
  • If you are consuming Arson regularly and missed one or two dosage, you might suffer headache or dizziness.

Usage guidelines for Arson

One serving of this diet pill i.e. 3 capsules contain caffeine equivalent to about 3 cups of coffee. If you are taking Arson on regular basis, stay away from any other source of caffeine.  Initially you are supposed to start slow with this product.

For the first three days the recommended dosage is one capsule, twice daily. For next few days its two capsules twice daily. After that it’s the regular dose, three capsules twice a day.

To derive best results for this diet pill, you need to couple it with adequate water consumption and a rigorous work-out routine.

Pros of Arson

  • Assured weight loss with fast results
  • Detailed instructions available on recommended dosage
  • Available for purchase right from the official website

Cons of Arson

  • Not many user testimonials are available on their official website
  • Meant for bodybuilders and weight watchers
  • No money refund orders are available

Alternatives For People Looking For Just Weight Loss

arson alternativeIf you are a normal person looking for weight loss and no muscle mass, Arson is just not the right choice for you. Especially the ingredients present in this diet pill are high in quantity which might affect you with side effects. But for bodybuilders it is a great aid to gain muscle and peel off the extra flab.

You are more likely to achieve your weight loss & fat burning goals with products like Phen375 or Capsiplex. Capsiplex in particular doesn’t require intensive workouts and it’s facilitates burning up to 275 extra calories per day. This diet solution is our top 3 diet pills due to numerous evidence of weight loss results and wide media attention.

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