avesilWeight loss enthusiasts are probably aware of the new diet pill Avesil and for those who are not; it is a recently launched supplement that contains 4 effective ingredients to facilitate weight loss. It supposedly works in three ways to ensure complete weight loss.

The supplement claims it burns excess body fats, increases rate of metabolism and suppresses appetite to reduce calorie intake.

What is Special About Avesil?

The four main ingredients used in Avesil are green tea extracts, a rich source of anti-oxidants, Citrimax, caffeine and chromium. It is the perfect combination that stimulates metabolism in body and reduces food cravings significantly.

Ingredient Specifications for Avesil

  • Nutraceutical Sensoril is a patented ingredient with proven properties of stress reduction to prevent raise in cortisol levels. It allows an individual to do intense work-outs with less or no fatigue at all.
  • Green tea extracts suppress appetite; stabilize the blood sugar level and increases stamina and energy.
  • Chromium allows the body fat to turn into energy during exercises. It also controls blood sugar.

Good Things About Avesil:

  • Clinical evidence is available for some ingredients effectiveness.
  • No fillers found in the product.

Bad Things About Avesil

  • Expecting or nursing mothers are not recommended to use it without doctor’s consultations.
  • Contains caffeine that is not recommended for people having cardiovascular problems
  • Only available via free trial, which is not a customer-friendly marketing method

Refund Policy With Avesil

Avesil is covered under the free trial policy. Before paying fir the product you can try a month’s supply that would be sent to your doorstep at no purchase cost at all. Shipping and handling charges are to be paid which is as less as $5.95. You can try it for 14 days and if you are unsatisfied with the results, you can call up the customer care number to cancel the subscription.

Recommendation & Alternatives

proactol plusWe found nothing special about Avesil diet pills that would make us recommend it for you. The ingredients in the Avesil formula are widespread, and there are hundreds of other diet pills that also formulated upon this blend of ingredients.

More, the free trials caused a lot of headaches for people, when companies billed credit cards after the trial period ended, and most of free trial products appeared to be ineffective.

So, we recommend to look at other solutions like Proactol Plus, which is the most advanced diet product, backed by 6 clinical trials and proven to block up to 28% of dietary fats, and burn up to 295 extra calories a day.

With a massive 180 days satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 live customer support, Proactol Plus is among the top rated diet pills available now.

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