Cheaters Relief

cheater relief diet pillsCheaters Relief is a leading weight loss product that is often hyped as a ‘Pre and post meal calorie control pill’. It is an effective fat loss pill that acts as a multipurpose weight loss solution manufactured by BSN. It reduces carbohydrate absorption, fat accumulation and blood sugar fluctuation.

Like most of the weight loss products, Cheaters Relief has to be taken as a part of daily routine along with a healthy diet and laborious physical exercise.

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How does it work?

The specialty of Cheaters Relief is that while administering these pills, users can indulge in eating calorie-rich foods sometimes. The human body has certain regulatory enzymes that help in absorption of carbohydrates and fat. Cheaters Relief has certain ingredients which prevents the absorption of those extra calories. This way while fats and carbohydrates are abandoned by the body, essential nutrients are made available to the muscles.

Cheaters Relief Ingredients:

The main components found in Cheaters Relief capsules are:

Cassia Nomame: It acts as an inhibitor for the enzyme lipase which is required for the breaking down the consumed and deposited fat.

Chitosan: It is a fat blocker, however it’s effectiveness has not been clinically proven.

NeOptunia: It acts as an organic fat binder – #1 component that effectively blocks fat from digestion.

Cilitrin HCL, Phaseo Lean, 4-Hydroxy Lean, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cinnulin PF are the other ingredients present in this weight loss supplement.

Cheaters Relief Features:

Cheaters Relief is recommended for both men and women. The capsule should be taken on a daily basis, 15 minutes before and after a meal so as to potentially curtail the amount of fat and carbohydrates taken up by the body.

Apart from helping in fat burning, Cheaters Relief also helps to regulate blood glucose levels. However there are certain restrictions on the usage of this product for some persons. For example, people afflicted by diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, liver disease, depression and anxiety should not consume this product.

Pregnant or nursing women are also suggested not to take it. Cheaters Relief is put up in the market for $30 (120 capsules).

Who should use BSN Cheaters Relief?

BSN Cheaters Relief is for those who want to utilize the benefits of a carbohydrate inhibiting supplement and maintain proper balance of blood sugar and insulin in their body. The carbohydrate inhibition mechanism allows you have meals and curbs yet not accruing flab.

What are the pros and cons of using BSN Cheaters Relief?

Pros: No prescription is needed for Cheaters Relief and there are many websites from which the product can be purchased.

Cons: No refund option is mentioned with this product. There is very little information given in the official website at this time about the company that manufactures Cheaters Relief.


At the end it is evident that Cheaters Relief is not really a fat burner, nor does it suppress appetite. It allows users to eat more of what they love without gaining additional weight.

Actually this diet product restricts absorption of carbohydrate and fat rather than actual fat burning. Therefore it may be not what dieters are after. You must take into consideration that this supplement will not really assist you with weight loss, but rather more with weight gain prevention.

But certainly Cheaters Relief provides more energy stability and less intake of fat even after increased intake of calories.

cheaters relief reviewThe alternative solution for dropping serious pounds is Proactol Plus – the UK’s best selling diet pills since 2007. Proactol Plus contains NeOpuntia responsible for binding up to 28% of fats from digestion. It also helps to lower cholesterol levels, and suppresses food cravings.

The only reason we recommend Proactol Plus over Cheaters Relief is because Proactol Plus doesn’t contain any usless filler ingredients like Chitosan, – it’s formula is patented and approved by European MHRA as a medical device type 1 for weight loss. With over 6 medical studies, including human studies, Proactol Plus is the diet pill that’s proven to promote the loss up to 4-5 lbs of excess weight a week, without any known side effects.

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