isatori curvelleCurvelle is one of the most recent discoveries in the weight loss world that mainly caters to women who have always wanted to look like the fashion models. Though the product has received much hype as a women’s only dietary supplement, there are no hormonal ingredients present in it which can tag it gender specific.

Curvelle – What Is It?

Curvelle is manufactured by Isatori, an eminent name in diet supplement industry. The manufacturers claim that the product has been designed to suit the needs of a woman’s body. It reduces cravings for sugar and also facilitates weight loss. Curvelle contains anthocynanins and antioxidants that improve the skin quality and overall health of women. Curvelle ensures that you lose weight in a healthy way without experiencing any side effects.

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Curvelle Ingredients:

Curvelle contains a proprietary mix of Elderberry extract, raspberry extracts, cinnamon powder, green tea extracts and natural caffeine.

Elderberry Extract: It improves the quality of hair and skin which is an added advantage of Curvelle.

Natural Caffeine: It acts as an energy enhancer and also boosts rate of metabolism.

Raspberry: Raspberry extracts effectively reduces fat absorption in body.

Cinnamon: It controls frequent cravings for sugar and reduces consumption of sugary foods significantly.

Green Tea: Green tea is rich in antioxidants which minimizes free radicals and also removes impurities from blood. It also prevents cancer in the long run. Overall it promotes a healthy and well-functioning internal system.

Is Curvelle safe?

Curvelle contains no harmful stimulants or Ephedra. In fact it promotes healthy weight loss without side effects. Unlike few other supplements, it does not cause over-stimulation which might result in jittery feelings. It contains caffeine, that too in a limited quantity. Still if you are sensitive to this ingredient, you might start using it with half the regular dosage.

Recommended dose of Curvelle is two capsules with water at least half an hour before breakfast or lunch. A standard package of Curvelle comes with 100 capsules priced at around $32.

Excerpted effects of Curvelle

iSatori claims that Curvelle is gentle and safe of the users’ health if used as suggested. The best part is that this supplement shows visible results extremely fast. Although results vary according to individual body type, but often users have reported that they lost inches from the hip, waist and thighs over a short period.

Apart from weight loss benefits, you may experience an enhancement in your overall health. Skin and hair glows with natural radiance with regular consumption of Curvelle.

You should take into account though, that Curvelle ingredients are stimulants hence you can expect some adverse effects from using Curvelle and prescription medications, and products like coffee or similar stimulating effects. These effects may incluse increased heart rate, insomnia in some cases, and raised nervous activity.


Curvelle certainly contains ingredients that are natural weight loss endorsers. Although there is no concrete explanation about how Curvelle is effective for women’s weight loss, it has no hazardous side effects as such. It can be purchased online and the price is quite reasonable. Still it is suggested to consult with the doctor before you start using Curvelle.

Should You Buy Curvelle For Weight Loss?

Curvelle can be described as nothing special in terms of weight loss. The product has a unique marketing angle, aiming at women as a targeted audience, however there’s no evidence that Curvelle brings substantial fat burning, mostly because of the formula that is basic and common among dietary supplements claiming to promote weight loss.

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