dietrineDietrine, which is popularly known as ‘Carb-blocker’, is an effective dietary supplement with multiple functionalities. It aims at preventing the carbohydrates from getting absorbed in the body, boosting energy levels and suppressing hunger. Altogether it helps in burning the extra kilos that too in a healthy manner.

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Dietrine Ingredients:

One of the key ingredients in Dietrine is extract of White kidney bean. It reduces carbohydrate absorption significantly. Recent clinical studies have shown that Dietrine helps to eliminate 75% of total carbohydrate consumed.

Other ingredients include Vanadium, Chromium and Phaseolamin.

Vanadium boosts the metabolic rate of the users and Chromium acts as an appetite suppressant.

Phaseolamin contributes to the carb blocking property of the product. The overall effect shows in noticeable weight loss over a short period.

Product Features:

Dietrine is available in capsules form. Each bottle contains 60 capsules. Both men and women can consume Dietrine.

As the product has been prepared with all natural ingredients, there are no reports of harmful side effects.

Dietrine is recommended to consume right before eating a carbohydrate rich meal. It curbs appetite and also puts off excess fat and carbohydrate from getting absorbed in body.

Is Dietrine safe to use and does it actually work?

Often people have inhibitions about weight loss supplements and their safety. Dietrine is indeed a safe product as it does not contain chemical components or fillers which might cause harm to the overall health of the users.

On the other hand, it features all natural ingredients with effective weight loss properties. Testimonials from existing customers are featured on the official Dietrine website which accounts for the credibility of the product.

But it has no FDA approval and the clinical data available to prove its effectiveness is scanty, which can make some of the dieters bit skeptic about Dietrine.


Dietrine offers certain benefits which can significantly contribute to weight loss. It works as a carb-blocker, energy enhancer, metabolic booster and appetite suppressant which definitely call for a recommendation. But there is no sufficient clinical data available to prove the effectiveness of Dietrine.

Also Dietrine has not received FDA approval and some of the ingredients might cause allergic reaction in users. Every human body has different composition and requirements. Hence it is suggested to get doctor’s approval before starting Dietrine.

Should you buy Dietrine?

Dietrine is available for purchase from the official website. Also the product is covered with 30 day money back guarantee. Single Dietrine package contains 60 capsules and it costs $39.95.

It comes with no free gift or free trial offer which ensures that there is no scam involved wherein the users are charged for the product over and over again.

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