Late Night Snacks Ideas To Reduce Fat

We often find ourselves alone and bored in middle of the night and at that time, we have nothing else to do but to eat some snacks. No matter how desperate we are to lose our extra pounds but controlling this eating of snack seems impossible.

low calorie snacksThis habit will kill your weight loss program and you have to find a way to either cut this habit completely or you have to replace this habit with something that should not disturb your weight loss program.

Another important thing is to calculate your calorie intake of the day and if that snack is not causing a rise in that calorie counting then, you are very welcome to eat but if they are causing a shoot in calorie intake of the day, then, you must find a way to control your calories.

Below is a list of snacks that will not only control your calorie intake but they are filled with healthy nutrition that will give you a balanced diet to eat. They will control your hunger along with maintaining your weight loss diet properly.

Yogurt with flaxseeds

One of the finest sacks that you can always take at night is some yogurt with flaxseeds because this snack will contain a very balanced quantity of carbohydrates, protein and some healthy fats. This combination will keep you on track for weight loss program and will also make that fastening period of night stable.

If you are taking half cp of yogurt with not more than two teaspoon of flaxseeds then, you are taking less than 250 calories.

Cottage cheese with peanut butter

peanut butter for low caloriesAnother very healthy snack is mixture of cottage cheese and peanut butter. Cottage cheese contains a very healthy quantity of casein protein and this means it will take long time to digest and during this whole time, it will keep providing your body with a very good quantity of healthy protein.

This snack is especially recommended for people who are doing workouts and are into muscle building.

Peanut butter along with cottage cheese will make it further slow to digest this snack and it will help you in controlling your hunger as you will never get up hungry.

Scrambled egg

Another very quick made snack can be scrambled whites of egg. You can just scramble white of egg and add some peanut butter for flavouring that up. This is a good source of protein and will not give you anything that can increase your calorie intake or fat.

This snack will contain less than 200 calories and will be filled with healthy proteins that you always need.

PB celery sticks

Celery sticks with peanut butter is the best possible snack that you can make for late night intake. Peanut butter will serve as rich source of protein and healthy fat while celery will hardly contain any calories but will enhance the flavour.

Just remember that late night snack should not contain more than 200 calories and that will not make it a burden for your diet plan.

These are some of the best possible late night snacks that will help you to control your hunger at night but if you still find it tough to overcome this habit then, you should take some good hunger decreasing compound as Phen375. This will help you to control your habit of late night eating.