Tips to Increase Fiber Intake

Proper intake of fiber is very necessary to stay on the path of proper weight loss program. Fiber has got many advantages as it helps your heart to stay fit and healthy by decreasing the cholesterol level but it also helps you to control that between meal hungers. Doctors also suggest that this between meal hunger must be kept under control when you are trying to lose your weight.

People who take low fiber diet often face troubles in balancing their calorie intake because they cannot control their hunger properly and always end up disturbing their weight loss diet plan.

Having a diet with fixed and healthy quantity of fiber in it will help you to boost your whole weight loss program. Below are some of the food items that can help you to increase your fiber level.

fiber rich food

Flaxseeds with yogurt

Adding flaxseeds to your yogurt on daily basis is a perfect way to increase fiber in your diet because flaxseeds not only contain fiber but they also carry lots of healthy fat that will help you to control your hunger. Some people might think that fat free diet is better but flaxseeds do not contain any harmful fat instead these only contain natural and healthy fat that just boosts your whole health.

Flaxseeds will also help you in maintaining a healthy level of sugar and your sugar level will never crash right after meal.

Soup with frozen vegetables

You can always increase your fiber intake by adding some frozen vegetables in whatever soup you are making.

Vegetables are a perfect way to increase some mass in your diet without adding any fat and adding some broccoli, cauliflower, or carrots will never hurt your soup much and you will get a very fiber rich soup ready.

Adding berries in protein shake

Another effective way to make your diet plan more fibrous is to add some berries in your daily protein shake. Blackberries are especially high in fiber and if you can add some of those in protein shake, you will get a very nutrition milks shake ready. Eating some plane blackberries in the day can also help you to maintain a good level of fiber in your diet.

Berries also carry some good quantity of anti-oxidants and this will also help you in achieving an optimal health.

Bran buds in start of the day

bran buds fiberBran bud is the best option to make your whole day’s diet plan rich with fiber. Some people might not like the taste of bran buds but that should not be the issue because you can easily add another type of cereal for enhancing the taste. When you add them with another cereal, their taste will be gone but they are packed with more than 8 grams of fiber per serving.

Along with this kind of fiber rich diet, you can also add a hunger suppressant like Phen 375 and this will make the whole diet plan perfect because you will no longer face trouble in controlling your hunger.