Vegetarians! Want to Reduce Weight Fast? Ultimate Protein Sources for You

When you are following a diet plan that majorly includes vegetables then, you must make your protein intake healthy because lots of people who follow vegetarian diet plan will suffer from protein deficiency as most of the vegetables do not contain any protein.

vegetarian protein foodsYour diet must be very balanced and protein is a very important and unforgettable component. Protein will boost your metabolism, will help you in getting lean muscle mass and will also help you in removing some of the unwanted fat from your body. Proteins not only make new muscles but they also prevent loss of muscle mass.

For vegetarian people, below are some of the options that you can adopt. These diet options will be hard to implement in start but with time, you will get hold of things and will start to get results from your weight loss program.



Quinoa is the best choice for people who are following a vegetarian weight loss diet because it is very rich in protein and will completely fulfil your daily requirement of protein.

You can add quinoa in any kind of diet from brown rice to salads or you can eat them just after frying them in a pan but you have to add this element in your diet to make sure you are getting enough protein.


Tofu is another very important and very famous component that every vegetarian must include in his diet plan. It is very rich in protein and is also available in lots of flavours and colors. Some people believe that taste of tofu is not very great but it all depends upon your cooking style.

You can try different kinds of recipes and stick with the one that tastes the best for you.


Tempeh is not only a rich source of protein for vegetarians but it also comes with an added advantage of lowering your cholesterol level. This advantage makes it even more value able and you must add it in your meal plan.

Soy bean

Soy beans are a very rich source of protein but males must keep siy bean intake under control because they directly affect the level of testosterone. Men can take just one or two servings in the week and that will be adequate for their protein intake.

You can also do some experiments with soy beans and make different kinds of dishes.


Last but not the least are nuts, nuts are the most powerful and most healthy source of protein. Not only vegetarians but no-vegetarians should also take some nuts. Nuts also carry natural fat and will provide you with a balanced quantity of protein and fat.

Nuts always carry some health fat, good quantity of fiber and very adequate quantity of protein. As a result they make a very balanced combination.

In your next vegetarian weight loss diet, you must include some of the above elements to make up your deficiency of protein. Along with these, you should also take some good hunger suppressing compound as Phen375 and it will boost the whole weight loss program.